czarny kon

First Class Lodge
the elite Business Club 

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The club brings together the elite of the Central European business. Joining the Club takes place by recommendation and selection.

The goal of the Club is to bring together reasonable, strategic and logical business people whose actions positively influence economic and social development.

We do not accept politicians for the Club, nevertheless the Club cooperates closely with the politicians of Europe in order to positively lobby matters important for the economies of a given area of Europe.

The number of Club members is limited.

Business people shaking hands, finishing up a meeting

The activities of the Club

The First Class Lodge meets at least four times a year, at the end of each quarter.
The topic of the meeting and meeting agenda are determined and accepted by Club Members in advance.
The topic of the meeting and the guests are a strict club secret.

The VIP Club terms

1. New Members of a Club are to be selected or recommended by individuals, who are already members of the Club.
2. Members of the Club are asked to treat all the issues discussed during the meetings confidentially.
3. Club Membership is only available to residents of East and Central Europe – businessman or a recommended members of his/her family.
4. The membership of the First Class Lodge is not available for politicians.
5. Each Member of the Club accepts these terms and conditions of membership as well as membership fees.
6. Resignation from membership or expulsion from the Club obliges to maintain club discretion under pain of trial.

Cropped image of businessman opening door on his car

The obligations of Club Member

Club Member is obliged to maintain club secret and discretion, as well as the topics discussed and considered during the meetings.
Club Member is obliged to pay membership fee according to individual arrangements.
A behaviour of the Club Member is to be noble.

Examples of proposed topics

1. The global financial system. The topic maintained by Wall Street stockbrokers.
2. An exhibition of the latest masterpieces of gold, watches and diamonds.
3. Meetings with patrons of culture and art from countries around the world.
4. Global bazaar of real estate, islands, apartments around the world.
5. Legal and financial protection of investments in Europe and in the world.
6. Michael Buble, Ed Sheeran or Jennifer Lopez concerts.


Club Membership Privileges

1. Benefit from all scope of services provided by our Partners only for the Club Members with up to 30% discount.
2. Access to full VIP services all around the world.
3. Legal support.
4. Access to hotel luxuries and services provided by Club Organizer under membership fee.
5. Other.